EEKE, utilizing the technology evolution, created in 2018 the Mobile App Traveler Rights GR, an innovative mobile phone application which is available in two languages (Greek & English) and designed to operate in ANDROID and iOS devices.

This application is a useful informative and advisory tool for the protection of travelers’ rights in Greece, as it presents simply and understandable manner the rights of the consumer during a trip in Greece (travel, accommodation, food, shopping, etc.) classified in sections and sub-sections (Air Travel, Ferry Travel, Taxi, Hotel Accommodation, etc.).

In addition to traveler information, it has the following useful features:

  • Catalog with contact lists of tourist services in Greece (Airports, Ports, Tourist Police, Embassies, etc.), with complete contact details (addresses, e-mail and url) and the possibility of automatic calling from the user’s mobile phone
  • Electronic application form for membership in ΕΕΚΕ
  • Emergency Message (SOS Message) with simultaneous sending of the coordinates of its location via GPS Tracking, in case of emergency
  • Instant Submission Form of Question or Complaint addressed to EEKE, in case the consumer is unable to resolve any consumer problem he is facing.
The mobile app “Traveler Rights GR” won 2 Gold awards at the “Mobile Excellence Awards 2018″ in the category Mobile Applications for Retail and Consumers: Mobile Service for Consumers and at the Tourism Awards 2019, in the category “Technology enhanced Experience


e- Consumer Services

e-complaint : https://eeke.gr/en/activities-of-e-e-k-e/consumers-complaints/

e- debt settlement : https://eeke.gr/en/activities-of-e-e-k-e/settlement-of-debts/


Printed editions of ΕΕΚΕ have been converted into Electronic and Audio Guides for the Disabled

Electronic Guides:

Vocal Guides (Podcasts):


Union of Working Consumers of Greece has created mini-sites for its actions:

1.Erasmus plus: Development of the Key Competences of Adults by Innovative Program of Consumer Education” (2018-2020) https://eeke.gr/publication/9346/

2.EEA Grants. Active Citizens Fund: Ψηφιακές Κοινότητες Τρίτης Ηλικίας: https://eeke-seniors.gr/

3.Mb Application: Traveler Rights GR: https://eeke.gr/app-traveler-rights/