Protection – Information and Support of Greek and Foreign Travelers in Greece

Protection – Information and Support of Greek and Foreign Travelers in Greece

The Union of Working Consumers of Greece, acknowledging that tourism is an essential driver for the economy of the country, carried out a series of actions for the protection-Information and Support of Greek and Foreign Travelers in Greece, by leveraging technology advancements and developing innovative mobile phone applications as well as actions to enhance the accessibility of disabled citizens to information. In particular:

  • The innovative mobile phone application «Traveler Rights GR»:

A free mobile phone application for Android & IOS informs in a comprehensible way the Travelers in Greece on their rights while providing a full list of contact details of the necessary tourist services.

One of the main features of the application is the delivery of an Urgent Message, combined with GPS tracking of the user.

Finally, the Union of Working Consumers of Greece is willing to assist the Travelers in every consumer issue they are faced with during their travel, with the Direct Submission of Complaint feature.

The “Traveler Rights GR” mobile app was awarded with the 2nd  Golden award in Mobile Excellence Awards 2018 in the category of Mobile Applications for Retail and Consumers: Mobile Service for Consumers and in Tourism Awards 2019, in the category of Technology enhanced Experience

  • The Online Application “Traveler’s Basics”:

The Online application for tablet and Desktop devices provides direct assistance to travelers-consumers when facing problems during their travel, by giving them answers in a simple and comprehensible manner.

  • The printed “Traveler’s Guide” :

The useful guide for every traveler who wishes to have every solution in their pocket, is distributed for free by ΕΕΚΕ, and will be sent to the local most important tourist spots.

  • Support and information for Disabled Persons when travelling:

ΕΕΚΕ, considering the insufficiency in information accessibility infrastructures for Disabled Persons, announced the conversion of Information Guides – “Traveler’s Guide” & “Consumer’s Basics” – in Braille language and into audio format. Disabled persons shall have access to the relevant Guides in central libraries and websites for Disabled Persons. It was also announced that EEKE website will become more friendly and accessible to all categories of Disabled Persons.

In order to install the Mobile Application “Traveler Rights GR” scan the QR CODE: