The certificates of participation in the program “Tackling adolescent obesity” were awarded on Thursday 27/06/2024 to the teachers of the 4th General High School of Veria, by the President of the Labor Center and President of EEKE Local Branch of Veria, Ms. Elena Atsalou, After being taught the educational material, the teachers then taught the […]

E-geia Event INVITATION The Union of Working Consumers of Greece and the Institute of Innovation and Development Studies invites you in the online event, on Wednesday, June 5th, at 11:00 CEST. In the event will be presented: «Health Rights in the EU:  Third Age Citizens in Greece» The event is implemented in the framework of the project “Cognitive Enrichment of […]

The event of General Confederation Of Greek Workers /GSEE and the Union of Working Consumer of Greece/ΕΕΚΕ titled “Excessively high prices-How the profits of greedflation multiply prices from farm to fork” has a huge success. The meeting was attended by numerous administrative members of General Confederation of Greek Workers/GSEE, representatives of Greek trade unions and […]

This year’s World Consumer Day on 15th of March 2024, the Union of Working Consumers of Greece/ΕΕΚΕ highlighted the most substantive problem of the Greek consumer market, which is nothing else than the loss of consumer purchasing power The root cause of the phenomenon is the profiteering and the consequent successive inflationary increases in the […]

The mobile app “Traveler Rights GR”, was developed by Union of Working Consumers of Greece in 2018, the book in audio format entitled ‘’The Traveler’s Alphabet’’ and the accompanying videos, are included in the Consumer Education Hub (CEH) of the Directorate General of Justice (DG JUST ) of the European Commission. The mobile app “Traveler […]

The healthcare rights for Senior citizens emerged with the initiation of a new project entitled “EU-Health” by the Union of Working Consumers of Greece in collaboration with the Institute for Innovation and Development Studies in the framework of the project  BUILD – Building a robust and democratic civic program space The scope of “EU-Health” project […]

EEKE was invited and participated as a stakeholder in the project “National Strategy for Financial Literacy in Greece” of the General Secretariat of the Financial Sector and Private Debt Management of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance in collaboration with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission (DG REFORM). […]

The Union of Consumer Workers of Greece requests the Interagency Market Control Unit (D.I.M.E.A.) and the Minister of Development, Mr. Konstantinos Skrekas, to disclose the products of the unfair profitability of the two multinational companies . To read the extrajudicial invitation click here Greek citizens cannot maintain their residences adequately , Research: Consumer behavior during the […]

Union of Working Consumers of Greece (EEKE), carried out a survey aiming to depict the reactions of consumers to the 2022-2023 increase in the prices of the products and services they consume. The research was carried out in the period from January 10 to February 10, 2023, with the completion of one thousand seven hundred […]

The Union of Consumer Workers of Greece of GSEE, from the first moment of the implementation by the Greek government  of the “household basket” measure, with continuous surveys, checks, comparisons either on site or through the “e-katanalotis” platform, demonstrated with tangible evidence that this measure, does not provide any substantial benefit to the consumers of […]

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