Winter bargain sales

Every year the winter bargain sales start on the second Monday of January and are expected to reinforce, as far as possible, the market and to give consumers the possibility- according to their income- to buy products that they could not buy at their initial price. Therefore, we give some useful advice in order the consumer not to be drifted into unnecessary buys by the high percentages of discount. Especially, in our days, the family budget, our financial possibilities and the proper order of our needs must be the most important thing. Apart from the advice that will be given, in order to defend their rights, consumers must be informed about the content of the existing law about the bargain sales. The existing law in question can be seen in the website of E.E.K.E. and is the Law 4177/2013 (articles 15, 21, 22 and 23) and the Ministerial Order  568/2014.

Useful advice:

  • We order our needs and program our buys in a list avoiding effuse expenses.
  • We do not neglect to carry out market research and to check not only the prices, but also the quality of products.
  • We are informed about the origin and quality of products. The sales assistant is obliged to provide to the consumer any information relevant to the product according the article 1 of the Law 2251/94 before he buys the product.
  • We avoid buying from itinerant street vendors in order to avoid buys of non secure and non certified products and in order to stop the illegal trade and the reduction of unemployment.
  • We are informed about the details and the training conditions when we carry out installment buying.
  • Before we carry out a buy with credit card, we are always informed about the conditions and requirements for the specific buy.
  • We are informed by the shops about the policies they follow regarding the defective products and the returns of products.
  • There has to be no confusion about discounts and offers. Discounts concern season products, while the offers – where the discount is particularly high – usually concern old fashioned products. Be careful! The consumer must always check if the product is on season or not, because it has been observed that the shops put in discount old fashioned products (stock) in the same discount of the products on season.
  • Where there are offers, there has to be a sign referring to offers. The products must have the initial price and the price of the offer (not the percentage of discount). Be careful! Often in offers is indicated that there is no changes, so if you regret it, you can not change it.
  • Be cautious about shops that advertise high percentages of discounts in one or in few of their products. That does not mean that the rest of the products of these shops are cheaper in relation to products of other shops.
  • We do not forget to ask for the receipt for the products we have bought. In case the product is defective and we want to return it or change it, we must present the receipt. Also, we must not forget to ask from the shop to seal up the back of the receipt.
  • It would be wise to prefer the products in shops that indicate the old and the new price as well as the percentage of discount, during the period of discounts.
  • Before we buy anything: