Things we need to know about the buy of toys

According to a market research, we will conclude that in the market there is a great range of prices which give us the possibility to meet the expectations of our children. Attention though, the consumers need to choose not only according the price but also the quality and safety of the toys. Specifically:

  •  We check the condition of the toy and if we have any doubt about its credibility, we put it in its packing and we return it to the store where we bought it.
  • We read carefully the manual, as well as the instructions of the assembly, and we explain them in the simpler way to the children in parallel with the toys’ demonstration.
  • We must be aware that all the toys that are put in circulation in the European Union must have the indication “CE”.
  • We report to the competent authorities cases of defective or dangerous toys, so as all children to be protected.
  • We forbid to children under the age of three to play with toys that include small pieces because there is danger of drowning.
  • We avoid toys with strings because they can be wrapped around their neck.
  • We avoid the toys that produce great noise because they can cause damage to their hearing.
  • We check the toys so as do not have sharp edges or edges in general.
  • We follow faithfully the age limits that are written in the packaging, because in a different case a toy can be dangerous in the hands of a smaller child.
  • In the electronic games, we check their content and the time that children devote to them.
  • We encourage the team toys because apart from amusement they offer socialization and team spirit.