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Eating Places

All dining and entertainment (restaurants, hotel restaurants, taverns, fast food outlets, cafes, night clubs and other similar stores) should:

  • Keep a price list written in Greek and optionally in one or more foreign languages, which will be visible on the outside of the main entrance of the store and will be available to customers before ordering.
    Include in the price list the products available with their prices, including VAT.
  • In the capital letter of the rest of the price list, in capital letters, the words: “THE CONSUMER SHALL NOT BE PAYABLE IF IT DOES NOT RECEIVE THE LEGAL DOCUMENT (PROOF-INVOICE)” and if the price list is also in English language and the statement: ‘CONSUMER IS NOT OBLIGED TO PAY IF THE NOTICE OF PAYMENT HAS NOT RECEIVED (RECEIPT – INVOICE)’.
  • Have a POS terminal for a card slot so we can pay by credit, debit or prepaid card.
  • Issuing the legal document (proof, invoice) upon payment. Otherwise we have the right not to pay.
  • To make available, a “SHEET OF PROTEST” form, which should be placed in a prominent place next to the exit of the store, with the possibility to fill in our data, in 4 languages ​​(Greek-English-French-German)
  • Do not charge a blanket (eg crockery, cutlery, towels, etc.) and do not offer any product (eg bottled water, bread, etc.) without asking us and to agree.
  • Obey the legislation on the ban on regular and electronic cigarettes in sanitary areas
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