SIGN: Award Ceremony

On Tuesday, September 6th, the SIGN project Award Ceremony took place in Athens.

 Representatives from 8 consumer associations connected to ECU – European Consumer Union based in different European Union countries participated to the Ceremony: Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Latvia, and Lithuania including representatives by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

 During the event it was presented: the project SIGN, the value of intellectual property (EUIPO), the technical report about the website (, the social campaign, the survey results, and the three best works.

The event was highlighted by the winners of the contest who were awarded an i-Phone 13 and a trip to Athens for two people:

  1. Ceci est la propriété intellectuelle (Claudio Antonio Di Domenico)
  2. Copyright doesn’t stifle your ideas (Borna Goreta)
  3. Tutela la musica (Chiara Bertarello) 

 SIGN is a European funded project which aims to increase the perception, in young consumers, of the intellectual property rights value as engine of social and economic progress for the entire community.

For more information, you can visit the project website:


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