Awareness-raising campaign for intellectual property riGht protectioN (SIGN)

SIGN is a project which involves eight consumer organisations in eight countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Latvia and Lithuania. It aims to increase young consumers’ perception about the value of intellectual property rights.

It has three specific objectives:

1) identifying and deconstructing negative attitudes towards intellectual property rights

2) raising awareness among consumers – especially young consumers – on the reasons for protecting intellectual property

3) empowering consumers to make the correct choices, especially when purchasing digital products

The awareness-raising campaign is based on a bi-directional approach: young consumers are aware of the value of intellectual property rights, and they become the principal agents for the implementation of the awareness raising campaign. Young consumers are invited to take part in a European contest by posting their original multimedia works (about intellectual property rights and the economic and social relevance of protecting it) in the media library in the project website. In addition, participants must answer an online survey about intellectual property rights.

For more information, you can visit the project website: