Workshop: Third Age & Digital Transactions


"Workshop: Third Age & Digital Transactions" project is funded by the Bodossaki Foundation.

It is a continuation and upgrade of the Digital Communities of the "Third Age Project" implemented in 2020 aiming for the beneficiaries:

  • To improve the quality of life

  • To contribute in the protection of their income and property.

  • To support older people to participate in advocacy actions for their personal and communities needs.

  • To provide the possibility - to those who wish and are considered suitable- to voluntarily participate in a public benefit activity which is intrinsically sustainable and therefore self-sustaining over time.

  • To improve the social integration, through the community service activity, as the ultimate strategic purpose of the project.

  • To support the elderly who are not familiar with understanding of how to safely use modern financial services and manage them.

The project scope is to improve the safe use of financial products, services and procedures by the elderly through their practical familiarization with the use of these products, services and procedures and ultimately, the creation by some of them of a network that will continuously provide the aforementioned services to new beneficiaries with Central Support Unit  of E.E.K.E.

Target group of the proposed project is one hundred and sixty (160) people elderly people over 60 years old.

Eight (8) two-day workshops will be held in the following six (6) Greek cities:

  • Veria

Saturday 22 October 2022 - Sunday 23 October 2022

  • Katerini

Monday 24 October 2022 - Tuesday 25 October 2022

  • Larisa

Thursday 24 November 2022 - Friday 25 November 2022

  • Lamia

Saturday 26 November 2022 - Sunday 27 November 2022

  • Nafpaktos

Saturday 5 November 2022 - Sunday 6 November 2022

  • Athens (three (3) workshops)

  1. Thursday 3 November 2022 - Friday 4 November 2022

  2. Monday 7 November 2022 - Tuesday 8 November 2022

  3. Monday 14 November 2022 - Tuesday 15 November 2022

Upon project completion, the beneficiaries are expected to have basic knowledge about:

  • Making digital purchases and payments for products and services

  • Conducting digital banking transactions

  • Ability to recognize unfair and deceptive commercial practices