The InCOME project: Integration, Economic National Identity and New Opportunities for the Integration of Immigrants through Financial Education was born from the meeting of organizations, Movimento Consumatori, CIES Onlus and Dedalus Cooperativa Sociale, which have been committed for years to promote equal opportunities and protection of rights. The project takes place in three Italian cities, Turin, Rome and Naples and with the Union of Working Consumers of Greece

InCOME is an experimental action which:

Promotes equal access opportunities to financial services and products,

• Promotes the economic national identity of foreign citizens, by improving the level of financial culture and the relationship between economic knowledge, individual responsibility and autonomy of choices,

• Facilitates the exchange and comparison of good practices between organizations involved in promoting innovative integration strategies of the migrant population,

• Creates an innovative intervention model that focuses on intercultural mediation aiming at the socio-economic and financial integration of immigrants.

In October 2018, began the initial exploratory phase of the research. Between February and March, three focus groups were conducted with 33 ombudsmen of 18 different nationalities in Rome, Turin and Naples, who participated in the research activity as "privileged observers" of their community.
The discussion focused on the knowledge, choices, habits of the immigrant community in the financial sector and in particular on the issue of banks, informal financing, pension and insurance products, remittances and entrepreneurship.

The basic training phase started in June 2019, with the aim of intercultural operators and mediators and was conducted through interactive and laboratory methods: currently 3 courses are conducted, one in Rome, one in Turin and one in Naples.

Participants in the project:

Participants in the project are: CeSPI - Center for International Policy Studies, FEduF - Foundation for Financial Education and Savings, Institute for Ethical Financing, University of Tor Vergata of Rome, University of Federico II of Naples, Periphero NI , Schools of Immigrants Rome, Association of Naples, Senegal.

For more information visit the official site: InCOME/FAMI