Nutriscore changes, but problems remain: the system misleads consumers The Nutriscore Scientific Committee recently revised the algorithm for a umber of cate- gories, including vegetable oils, but failed to ensure informed choices towards healthier products. Therefore, the possibility of adopting Nutriscore as a harmonised front-of-package la- belling model for the EU remains a major public […]

The campaign is implented in the framework of the project SIGN and targeted in youth audiences.   It has three specific objectives: 1) identifying and deconstructing negative attitudes towards intellectual property rights 2) raising awareness among consumers – especially young consumers – on the reasons for protecting intellectual property 3) empowering consumers to make the […]

Protection – Information and Support of Greek and Foreign Travelers in Greece The Union of Working Consumers of Greece, acknowledging that tourism is an essential driver for the economy of the country, carried out a series of actions for the protection-Information and Support of Greek and Foreign Travelers in Greece, by leveraging technology advancements and […]

10 years have passed since the establishment of the Union of Working Consumers of Greece in 2009, after the initiative of Greek trade union officials. The establishment of a massive social consumer movement has been a crucial initiative and eventually a commitment taken by the General Confederation of Workers of Greece in March 2007. The […]

Η Ένωση Εργαζομένων Καταναλωτών Ελλάδας διεξάγει δράση για την δικαίωση των δανειοληπτών σε ελβετικό φράγκο Η Ένωση Εργαζομένων Καταναλωτών Ελλάδας ενόψει της ανακοίνωσης της Κεντρικής Τράπεζας της Ελβετίας να άρει τη στήριξη της ισοτιμίας του φράγκου έναντι του ευρώ στα 1,20 Ευρώ, με αποτέλεσμα 65.000 δανειολήπτες με δάνεια σε ελβετικά φράγκα να υφίστανται δραματική αύξηση […]