Invitation to the SIGN project Award Ceremony

You are invited to the Award Ceremony of the SIGN project, a European funded project which aims to increase the perception, in young consumers, of the intellectual property rights value as engine of social and economic progress for the entire community.

Τhe SIGN Award Ceremony will take place οn Tuesday, September 6th at 10.00 a.m., in Novotel Hotel (4, Michail Voda Str, Athens) 

During the Ceremony will be presented the main objectives and the scope of the SIGN project and the impressive work of the young winners who will be awarded.

 In the SIGN project’s framework a contest took place opened to amateurs or professional from 15 to 24 years old who are domiciled or resident in an EU member State involved in the project such as: Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The participants created and published in the multimedia gallery a sensitization original product about the value of intellectual property. Website visitors viewed all contents and then they voted their favourite one. The most voted works evaluated by an internal project committee, which awards the prizes to three best works:

  1. Ceci est la propriété intellectuelle (Claudio Antonio Di Domenico)
  2. Copyright doesn’t stifle your ideas (Borna Goreta)
  3. Tutela la musica (Chiara Bertarello) 

In addition, participants answered the 3 simple question of the on-line survey which provided them self-awareness about their own idea of intellectual property rights.

SIGN is a project that sees the partnership of 8 consumer associations based in different European countries and connected to ECU – European Consumer Union.

For more information, you can visit the project website:

You can see the agenda  here