Innovative Educational Program

Within the framework of the Erasmus + European Program entitled “Development of Key Competences of Adults by Innovative Program of Consumer Education”, the Union of Working Consumers of Greece in collaboration with Consumer Associations from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Italy, after a study based on focus groups to collect data from the experience of unemployed adults, up to 29 years in Consumer Education, created an Innovative Educational Program.

The data that were extracted and analyzed in the study were used to design the educational program for unemployed adults up to 29 years of age who are a vulnerable group as they have not completed secondary education and are characterized by a lack of qualifications and skills.

The design of the training program took into account the experiences of the focus group participants, their preferences to the fields of Consumer Education and the necessity of training, and finally their ideas concerning the knowledge-skills that is needed in order to design an Innovative Educational Program.

You can read the educational material here.