Indications on products

In all products available in stores or outdoors vendors, there should be tags indicating the following:

  • price,
  • name,
  • quality – composition – quality features,
  • especially for pastry foods, the tag should indicate if the product sold is frozen

Price indication should refer to:

  • sale price per pack, when the products are sold in their packaging,
  • unit price (beyond price per pack), for products that are not sold pre-packed,
  • sale price per piece or set, in the case of non-edible industrial products which in the ordinary course of trade are sold by piece or set

All items sold in retail outlets should also bear, apart from tags, a sale price indication in each individual package, which will either be engineered (e.g. set by stamp) or be in the form of fixed label or bar code, which is recognized by an electronic price control system (price-checker).

For every product sold in a retail store, it is prohibited to have different selling prices in any way and anywhere within the store.

The prices of all goods on the tags, labels or packages are mandatorily indicated including the corresponding VAT.