The main role of the Union of Working Consumers of Greece is to support consumers regarding all the matters that affect them and to intervene in defending consumers’ rights where necessary.

The main financial resources of Ε.Ε.Κ.Ε. are the annual contributions of its members who support the development of its actions and the pursuance of its activities.

If you wish to support the Union of Working Consumers of Greece you can be a Member.

The economic expenses for the enrolment of new members or the renewal of your subscription are:

  • Enrolment of new member: the amount of three (3,00) Euros
  • Monthly membership fee: the amount of one Euro (1,00)
  • Annual subscription for new member: Fifteen (15,00) Euros.
  • Annual renewal of subscription: Twelve (12,00) Euros.

You can deposit the amount in the following account: NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE GR2401101180000011829603890 or via PayPal from the button below:

For further information you can contact our offices at +30 210 8817730


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