Through the years the Union of Working Consumers of Greece has handled cases of debts amounting to tens of millions euros through guidance, support and counseling provided to the debtors by trained scientific partners.

Every day, distressed borrowers with problems of debt management contact us and receive counseling and guidance in order to choose the optimal solution for their debt settlement according to the possibilities provided within the current legal frame and depending on the nature of those debts, namely bank loans, debts to the State, to the Social Security Funds, to the Public Utilities, etc..

Law professionals and economists provide personalized services, trying to achieve the most favorable settlement for every debtor taking into account the individual conditions, needs and capabilities and avoiding massive and standard solutions.

We follow every relevant legislation and political development so as to deliver accurate information and improve all services provided to the consumers-debtors, with the objective to assist them in their debt settlement by setting out sustainable plans and realistic solutions.

Please, check out the Study on Distressed Loan Management for Individuals carried out by the Union of Working Consumers of Greece for 2009-2019:

Distressed Loan Management for Individuals – Statistical Results Study 2009-2019

The basic points of the Statistical Results Study 2009-2019 «Distressed Loan Management for Individuals»



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