Through the years the Union of Working Consumers of Greece has handled cases of debts amounting to tens of millions euros through guidance, support and counseling provided to the debtors by trained scientific partners.

Every day, distressed borrowers with problems of debt management contact us and receive counseling and guidance in order to choose the optimal solution for their debt settlement according to the possibilities provided within the current legal frame and depending on the nature of those debts, namely bank loans, debts to the State, to the Social Security Funds, to the Public Utilities, etc..

Legal and financial advisors provide personalized services, trying to achieve the most favorable settlement for every debtor taking into account the individual conditions, needs and capabilities and avoiding massive and standard solutions.

We follow every relevant legislation and political development so as to deliver accurate information and improve all services provided to the consumers-debtors, with the objective to assist them in their debt settlement by setting out sustainable plans and realistic solutions.

Please, check out the Study on Distressed Loan Management for Individuals carried out by the Union of Working Consumers of Greece for 2009-2019:

Distressed Loan Management for Individuals – Statistical Results Study 2009-2019

The key points of the Statistical Results Study 2009-2019 «Distressed Loan Management for Individuals»

Parallel actions for Over-indebted Households are:

– The provision of individual psychological support by specialized professional Psychologists

-to consumers who have difficulties in settling their debts

Raising consumer awareness and information dissemination  via printed media through brochures, interviews and publications, such as the Guide for Dealing with Debt Servicers and Information Companies (Collection Agencies & Companies)

Consumer education. Qualified Staff members of ΕΕΚΕ trained thousands of consumers in educational programs implemented throughout Greece in collaboration with other government and or local agencies.

Various legal and or economic  interventions to relevant government  authorities , Ministries and Committees.

Specifically, Ε.Ε.Κ.Ε actions

1.Submitted proposals to the parliamentary groups of national parties regarding the improvement measures of the provisions of housing protection law 3869/2010 (Known as Katselis Law)

2.Participated in meetings of the Perpetual Committee on Production and Trade of the Greek Parliament for the “Facilitation Program for Informed Borrowers and amendments to law 3868/2010”

3.Filed an official request to the Prime Minister of Greece and the Leaders of the political parties for the indefinite suspension of housing auctions of the main residence and legislative proposals for the banking system

4.Applied to “The Hellenic Banking Association” extension of the repayment period of the mortgage loans  along with interest rate subsidy from the beneficiaries of ex. “Workers’ Housing Organization”.

5.Participated in consultations, such as the co-drafting of the text of the Code of Consumer Ethics, where the only proposal was the incorporation of the right of consumers, before signing any loan agreement with a Credit Institutions, to receive a copy of the draft contract at their request and without financial burden, in order to study it, having a reasonable time at their disposal “.

6.Submitted to the Minister of Finance observations & remarks on Law 4389 / 22-05-2016 which refer to the contract of sale and transfer of the claims of the credit institutions as well as to the operation of the Special Secretariat for Private Debt Management.

7.Submitted its positions on the Draft Law “Arrangements for the acceleration of the pending trial of Law 3869/2010 in accordance with the requirements of article 6 par. 1 of the ECHR regarding the reasonable duration of the civil trial, amendments to the Bar Code and other legal provisions ”

8.Submit ΕΕΚΕ legal positions for the Draft Law on debt settlement and provision of a second chance to over indebted individuals