The Union of Working Consumers of Greece was established in 2009 with the objective to defend consumer interests at all levels. Since the beginning, its primary consideration, based on the existing needs, was the creation of a specialized complaint handling department whose mission would be to investigate and process complaints.

The consumers often “see” their interests being affected and their rights infringed by suppliers who employ unfair practices.

Our aim is to create informed and conscious consumers not only aware of their rights but eager to claim those rights.

A statistical analysis of the complaints for the years 2009-2019, carried out by the Union of Working Consumers of Greece, is available here.

Statistical Analysis of Complaints 2009-2019

The Union of Working Consumers of Greece:

  • Has processed successfully almost all the lodged complaints, bringing important economical and moral benefit to the consumers.
  • Assists the consumers, by providing them with general and personalized information and guidance with regard to their rights and the way they can claim them.
  • Is at the forefront of raising awareness on every legislative development directly or indirectly related to the consumers, by informing them accurately and timely by every possible medium and way.

We are constantly at the consumer’s service, by intervening every time they feel unprotected and by resolving every problem they are unable to settle.

Consumers can resist and claim their rights.

They don’t stand alone in this challenging task.



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